A general contractor oversees everything involved in a construction project. General contractors – or “construction managers” as we are also known – are jacks-of-all-trades and we are hired by owners, developers and building firms. Our responsibilities range from overseeing the building of a single-family home to managing everything involved in constructing an entire office complex, apartment building, or government facility. There are three broad areas in which our contractors specialize:
Private residential (single- or multifamily housing)
Private commercial (retail stores, hotels, etc.)
Public works projects
General Contractors are accountable for everything a job requires, and they must coordinate all the processes of construction, from beginning to end. The general contractor can delegate responsibility through a foreman (or foremen if the job is large) and may also hire specialty trade subcontractors to do specific jobs. Though some subcontractors report directly to a builder, most work at the behest of the construction manager. In addition to new construction, general contractors are also involved in remodeling and renovation projects.

Unlike most companies that can only handle some jobs. Best Concept Renovations licensed and experienced crews are experts at larger home remodeling projects. Whether the project you need completed is inside or outside your home, our team can do it. We have the experience, tools, skills, know how and time to do those jobs you've been planning. These are a sampling of the Home Remodeling services we offer:
Renovation and New Construction
Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation
Windows, Doors and Shutters
Concrete and Brick Work
Roof and Stucco Repair
Electrical Panels, Wiring, Switches and Outlets
Interior and Exterior Painting
Plumbing Indoor and Outdoor
Drywall Taping and Texturing
Tile, Hardwood, and Vinyl Floor Installation
Best Concept Renovations has had years of experience in Construction, Remodeling and Renovations as a General Contractor in Texas and beyond. Home renovations including; House Additions, Kitchen Renovations, Bathroom Renovations, Family Rooms, Recreation Rooms, House Makeovers, House Transformations, and Commercial Renovation and Construction Projects. Call us today for your estimates: Eduardo Quintana (210) 365-3666.
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